Ronin Shugenja formerly employed by the Obsidian Blade, now works to root out the criminal organisation.

Former employee of the Obsidian Blade, he betrayed the location of one of his bosses to the Crane Ambassador's hatamoto in exchange for his life. His life was spared by the samurai, but a price was put on his head by the Obsidian Blade. Recruited by Seppun Kiyomori, an Emerald magistrate working to eliminate the bandit group. Worked under him until Toturi Jakuchu ordered the destruction of the criminal organization.

Rescued Tsuruchi Itsuko from Obsidian Blade assassins.

Hired by Daidoji Hitaro to put together a group of Ronin to engage in street warfare during the siege of Toshi Ranbo by the Lion. Though they suffered heavy losses, his group suceessfully destroyed one siege tower during the initial batlle and two catapults later during the siege of the palace.


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