Daidoji Hitaro

Stealthy scout with a talent for investigation and conspiracy theories


Daidoji Harrier Rank 4Daidoji spy rank 1
Earth: 3
Stamina: 3        Willpower: 3
Water: 4
Strength: 4       Perception: 4
Fire: 4
Agility: 4       Intelligence: 4
Air: 4     
Reflexes: 4        Awareness: 4
Void: 3


Athletics 3 (Climbing)

Battle   3 (Mass combat)

Deceit 3 (Intimidation/Lying/Seduction)

Defense 3

Etiquette 3   

Hunting 3 (Tracking)

Investigation 5 (Search/Interrogation/Notice)

Kenjutsu 4 (Katana)

Know the school 2 (Mirumoto bushi)

Kyujutsu 3 (Hankyu)

Spears 2

Stealth 5 (Ambush/Sneaking/Shadowing)

Underworld 1

Calligraphy 1 (Crane cipher)

Special abilities:

Second chance at search and interrogation

Can move at 1/3 speed as simple action or  1/2 as complex action

Free raise on social rolls vs Cranes

Distinguished path(Enlightened)
Mixed Blessing (Duel)
Dishonorable path (Driven to find the traitor Daidoji Yo)

Ally: Soshuro Saburo (Devotion 2, Influence 2)

Bland (3)

Perceived Honor

Haunted ((2))
Bitter bethrodal (2)   Daidoji Megumi
One eyed (3)
Sworn enemy (Mirumoto Tokaji) (2)
Obligation (Crab Ambassador) (2)


Iron Feather (Daidoji harrier)

Silent Talon (Daidoji harrier)

Vengeful ghost (Daidoji harrier)
Truth in shadows (Daidoji spy)

Glory 6.3

Honor 0.8 (perceived as 1.8)

Status 3.8

Updaté le 28 février reste 0 xp



Daidoji Hitaro could easily be mistaken for anyone in the Imperial city if not for a few particular traits he usually hides with either a mempo, the hood of his cloak or his hair.  In campaign, he wears a common version of the traditional kimono of his clan as well as some camouflage to help him sneak behind enemy lines. He tends to his possessions with great care since preparation is often what makes a warrior survive a battle.

At court, where he is not particularly at ease, Hitaro wears a tailored kimono with the colors of his clan and a matching blue eyepatch incrusted with a white crane. The eyepatch covers a missing eye as well as a great scar made by a traitor to the Clan who joined the Scorpion clan.

Living to defend the clan and his partners, Hitaro has a different way of seeing the Bushido.  He considers himself a tool of his clan and of his damyio and is often ready to break some traditions or to bypass his personal honor to successfully get to his objectives.  His life dedicated to the defense of the Crane has made him a bit paranoiac and he is always trying to analyze who could be a traitor, who could endanger the clan and who could be behind machinations against the might of the Crane.

Recently, he followed his instincts and investigated a fellow member of the clan, Katogama, whom he thought could be a traitor.  Unfortunately, his investigation and his stubborness led to the death of the Crane magistrate and councelor to the late Empress consort.  To amend for his sins and to show humility, Hitaro cut all his beautiful long bleached hair and sent some money to Katogama's family.

Sent on a mission to discover who, around the Crane clan champion, was a member of the Gozoku, Hitaro joined the imperial legions as the commander of a scout unit.  During an operation in the field, his unit uncovered elements from a large Lion army that was moving against the Cranes. Ordered to inform the champion, Hitaro took the opportunity to complete his mission by first evaluating which informations had reached the Crane leader.  

Unfortunately for him, it appeared that she was a member of the conspiracy and, angered at his assassination of one of the conspirators, ordered him to commit seppuku.  Strangely for someone as dishonorable as Hitaro, he obeyed her order, alerting his allies against the conspiracy of the champion's treachery.

Daidoji Hitaro

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