Shy Crane Poet who married the young Empress before her untimely death, became the Emperor and ultimately ceded the Throne to Akodo Katsumi, retiring into the Brotherhood of Shinsei


Born of a Kakita Duelist and a minor Kakita bureaucrat, his father had high ambitions for Jakuchu, hoping he would be able to reach the political power he had been denied. He was sorely disappointed when Jakuchu showed little interest and aptitude for politics. Jakuchu instead became a poet and was starting to gain recognition as such when he was called upon to marry the Imperial heir. The young princess had read his poetry and fallen madly in love with the young man's sweet words. Shortly after his marriage, the Emperor died and his wife became Empress. She wanted nothing more than for him to keep writing, and for a while he was content. 

However, after a few short weeks of blissful marriage, the Empress died in a hunting accident. Jakuchu was thrust up by the Crane and their allies as the new Emperor, even though he had no interest in the position. Since then he has been following the councel of his advisors with little independant thought. His enemies call him a puppet, his friends a work in progress.


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