Doji Kikuro

Dedicated courtier and designated Regent of the Doji family after the fall of the Clan champion



Doji Courtier Rank 5


Earth: 3

Stamina: 3        Willpower: 3

Water: 4

Strength: 4        Perception: 4

Fire: 3

Agility: 3           Intelligence: 3

Air: 5

Reflexes: 5        Awareness: 5

Void: 4



Artisan (Drawing) 1 

Battle 1 

Calligraphy 2

Courtier (Bureaucracy, Gossip, Manipulation, Political Maneuvering) 5

Defense 5

Etiquette (Conversation, Sincerity) 5

Game: Sadane 1

Horsemanship 1

Investigation (Interogation) 4

Know the school (Matsu bushi school) 2

Lore: Law 2

Storytelling (Poetry) 1

Tea Ceremony 1

War Fans (Manari-gata) 5




Ally: Yoritomo Sorai (Influence 4, Devotion 2) (6)

        Kasuga Noriko (Influence 4, Devotion 2) (6)

Heartless (2)

Kharmic Ties (Doji (Shosuro) Umeko) (3)

Servants: 3 personal attendants (3)

               Spy (Daidoji Akihito) (4)


Sworn Enemy (Matsu Saeki) (2)

Glory: 6.3

Honor: 3.4

Status: 7      

Current Insigth rating: 231 +9 remaining XP at the end of the game





Doji Kikuro was the assistant of the Crane clan ambassador to the Imperial court at the beginning of the dynastic struggle. Fate and some machinations propelled him at the center of the intrigue as he replaced Doji Kunio, assassinated. 

He was a key diplomat suporting Toturi VIII and his hatamoto and him uncovered the conspiracy later called the new Gozuku. As the minister of culture, he sat at the emperor's council. 

In the end, at the time to choose between his clan champion, who he had reasons to believed was corrupted, and the emperor, he chose to trust his hatamoto's instinct. After all, they had come too far to oppose the conspiracy without going through with it. In the interest of the Crane clan, he stood with the emerald champion and the other council members at the time to expose Lady Otomo and her followers. 

After the death of the Crane clan champion at the hand of Daidoji Akihito (who was in fact the presumed dead brother of the Daidoji daymio who had infliltrated the conspiracy), Kikuro and his hatamoto performed their last mission for the emperor and travelled to meet the Lion countender to the throne and asked for the holding of peace talk and the abdication of Toturi VIII.

As the dust settled, Kikuro was named regent of the Doji family by the other lords of the Crane until the new champion would come of age. Dedicated to his clan, he intend to hand over a strong family by the time the new Doji daimyo is all grown up. 



Doji Kikuro

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