Otomo Teruyo

Voice of the Emperor and Otomo Daimyo, this aging courtier is a frightingly well-informed gossip


Second child of a powerful tax bureaucrat. Teruyo lived in Crane lands from her Gempukku until che was 30 years old, steadily rising through the ranks of the Imperial delegation to Kyuden Doji. She made many powerful friends in her time there. She returned to the Imperial City when her older brother died of illness to take on the reigns of her part of the family's duties.

After the uncovering of Otomo Teika's disgraceful behavior, she became the Otomo Daimyo and set about cleaning up her family of anyone who displayed unacceptable behavior. Her powerbase well established, she became a trusted advisor to Toturi Jakuchu and was eventually named to become his Voice. 

When the Throne War broke out, she established a council of advisors to help the Emperor deal with the crisis. She lobbied for the council to take on more importance and eventually the Emperor approved a motion for it to be able to make edicts in time of need.

Member of the Gozoku Conspiracy. Assumed leadership of the Toshi Ranbo cell after Doji Kunio's death.

Otomo Teruyo

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