Toturi IX (Akodo Katsumi)

Daughter of the Akodo Daimyo, ascended to the Throne once the Gozoku conspiracy was destroyed.


Daughter of the Akodo Daimyo, Katsumi is linked to the Imperial line through her mother, whose grandmother was the second daughter of Toturi IV, married into the Lion. She grew up studying the ways of War and of leadership. She was married to the third child of the Soshi Daimyo to cement the Lion-Scorpion alliance and they have 2 children together.

Though she was destined to be the future Akodo Daimyo, she became much more important qhen the Empress died in a hunting accident. Katsumi had the Lion and Scorpion support to become the next Empress, but the Otomo chose instead Toturi Jakuchu, the late Empress' husband to take the Throne. This led to War between the Lion and Crane, the Lion and Scorpion seeing the new Emperor as a puppet of Otomo Teruyo and her allies.

Toturi IX (Akodo Katsumi)

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