A Saru; monkey spirit from the realm of Sakkaku


Infiltrated the Elemental Master of Air's escort from Shiba Shiro to Kyuden Isawa.

While there he committed many pranks including:
-Sabotaging the palanquin of Otomo Konyo
-Switching the eye-patch of Daidoji Hitaro from his bad eye to his good while he slept and covering his hands in red
-Misleading Asahina Miyu into putting some poison ivy in her medicine kit
-Undoing the straps on Shiba Hojira's Naginata
-Separating Daidoji Ise from her companions and putting her on the roof of the house they were sleeping in while they slept
-Bewitching a peasant to bring uncooked food to Doji Kikuro


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