Umeko's report

Umeko and Motoki’s report

Ministry of Culture

  • Establishment of offices and bureaucracy in Kyuden Doji
  • Travelling Kabuki shows telling of the Dragonfly clan’s founding
  • Too much of the resources are being directed to entertaining the Imperial Court, attempts to remedy the situation has met much resistance by the Otomo, particularly Kunisada
  • Projected establishment of offices in North (Dragon or Phoenix lands, near Toshi Ranbo) and in the Mantis Island (send Kitsuki?)

Imperial Court

  • Currently dominated by Lady Otomo, with help from Advisor and Treasurer
  • Council meetings once a week
  • Emperor present at about one in three meetings, minutes given to him by the Advisor
  • Crane have been accommodating for the Imperial families, tend to attend to their wishes and avoid offending as per traditional
  • Chancellor able to have more frequent meetings with the Emperor, but still unable to sway him
  • Emperor holds Court more often

Analysis of the Emperor’s situation

  • After meetings with Jakuchu’s parents, was concluded by Motoki and Umeko that the Gozoku is using his childhood against him. Lady Otomo taken on mantle of his overprotective mother, letting the Chancellor do the pushing so that she will be perceived as his father, controlling, pushy and never happy with him
  • Wife is helping control his schedule and plays into Lady Otomo’s game. Can be assumed to be part of the conspiracy. Used to be by his side all the time, but more and more solicited due to her position and growing influence.
  • Treasurer plays a sycophant, constantly trying to ingratiate herself. Run ins with Kunisada and the Empress. As of yet has been unsuccessful in gaining a foothold near the Emperor but has made some significant gains to solidify her position, given a few months, she could become a force to be reckoned with, even able to sway the Emperor somewhat.
  • Kept busy by his secretary, Otomo Kunisada, a cousin of Lady Otomo. We exert some limited control has to the events’ financing, might be possible to influence the Emperor through them.

Analysis of current position at Court

  • Council dominated by Lady Otomo with help from Advisor and Treasurer
  • Current allies on the Council: Kitsuki Ginko, chancellor, Asako Toyoko, phoenix ambassador
  • Shogun, Shinjo Robun, can be considered on Lady Otomo’s side

Recruitment and potential allies

  • Ministry personnel have mostly been cleared. To be assumed that there are still plants inside, but made sure to make their work exceedingly difficult with red tape
  • Doji Shinjiro, brother in law of Kikuro, recruited to Ministry personnel. Trustworthy, made somewhat aware of dire court situation, background check cleared.
  • Kakita Yajirobe, actor, friend of Jakuchu from before his appointment. Has been informed of Jakuchu’s cocooning and was recruited to Ministry personnel, background check cleared.
  • Bayushi Eizo, Emerald Champion, has established himself at Kyuden Otomo. Been using his resources to dismantle criminal operations in Crane lands. New criminal organization has picked up from the Obsidian Blade, called the Crimson Moons. Has been effectively cut off from politics, but could prove a valuable ally. Friend and in correspondence with Kitsuki Ginko
    Shinjo Robun, Shogun, placed by Lady Otomo at his position. Should be considered one of her pawns, but might be possible to steal him from her. The Imperial Legions, however diminished could be a major player.
  • Kasuga Noriko, Treasurer, been playing the game, vaguely aware of the conspiracy, but probably sees it as a Court alliance. Lack of concern for her new Clan’s lands by Lady Otomo has frustrated her. Combined with the resistance placed before her overtures at the Emperor has pushed her away from her allies. She might be willing to turncoat if me make it worth her while
    Otomo Tenchi, leader of the second branch of the Otomo family. Currently in Kyuden Otomo under protection of Bayushi Eizo. Political rival of (Lady) Otomo Teruyo, with support, could be able to sway the Imperial families.
  • Doji Koi, Umeko has been befriending her. Not as able a courtier as she thinks she is and an incorrigible gossip, close to Lady Otomo, has been possible to milk her for some information
  • Yasuki Tokiko, could be useful to have her be in on the project. Contacts in minor Clans and honorable. Umeko wants her as yojimbo and adviser and be able to speak freely with her.

Suggested course of action

  • Gather allies (at and off Court)
  • Remove negative influence around the Emperor: Kunisada, Teruyo, Tsuneari, Empress Mutsumi, yes men
  • Insert themselves as a wedge between Lady Otomo and the Emperor (get him a lover? Edict to force her to move or step down?)
  • Educate the Emperor. Control his entertainment, advise without suggesting, don’t handle things for him.


  • Doji Nijie, Kikuro’s daughter, coming to visit with her fiancĂ©, Kitsune Ryouma, newly Kitsune family daimyo. He wishes to meet with Kikuro, he wants your help securing more resources to help with the ware in the South
  • Doji Sousuke, Kikuro’s son, sent to Samui Kaze Toshi to learn about the Crane’s trading operations (remote coastal town difficultly reachable by land, very safe from invading armies)
  • Miyu’s twin sons, Umeko arranged for them to study at Kyuden Isawa for a year if it pleases Miyu. Well away from the front lines, unlike Asahina lands
  • Daidoji Aritomo, Ise’s son, has chosen to fight with the 1st Legion. Nothing to be done.
  • Daidoji Hotaro, Ise’s daughter, received her gempukku and joined the Daidoji Army. Nothing to be done.

Umeko's report

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