Set in an alternate timeline, in which Toturi IV survived the Khan’s attack on Toshi Ranbo, this all Crane game centers around the death of an heirless Toturi VII and the Great Clans’ attempts at securing the Throne. The Crane and their Mantis allies wish to keep Toturi Jakuchu (formerly known as Kakita Jakuchu), the late Empress’ husband in power. The Lion and Scorpion support Akodo Katsumi, daughter of the Akodo Daimyo and of his late wife, a now dead descendant of Toturi IV, who is married to the fourth son of the Soshi Daimyo. The Phoenix have put forth the Elemental Master of Fire, Isawa Tadanobu, direct descendant of Isawa Sezaru and Kaneka, an ambitious and powerful man who has always argued for the Phoenix to take a more proactive role in Rokugan. Meanwhile, the other Great Clans, the Minor Clans and the Imperial families try to further their own agendas by taking adavantage of the current power vacuum.

Withering Empire

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